film production

We are a first stop video production company with a passion in creating the highest
quality content for advertisers, brands and corporate clients

BellFilm can meet all your requirements for the film production, making sure, thanks to the teams professionalism, the quality, both artistic and technical productions that we made


Casting team consists of asistens, coordinators and casting directors and the studio is equipped with all facilities (camera, professional camera and mounting group), also we have the most...

Acting school

Courses that the children are invited are personal development courses in which children increase their mental abilities, they develop their high level of ethical...


Romania is a country located in Southeastern Europe Central, which provides a variety of locations from the Danube to the Black Sea to the Carpathians such as Saxon settlements...


Set design is a language with a significant share in the context of artistic event, and designer resumes in historical, cultural and techniques which may be expressed in any kind of art...


Costume designers are people with over 15 years experience, in film collaborations, have already won the largest collaborations with the biggest production houses in Romania and...

Special effects

The erra of special effects has seen a spectacular development in recent years due to new inventions in the field of filming techniques, and we hold these perfecting once...

Recent movies

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Our children acting in commercials

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